Washable pasta machine

No longer available
What is the “washable pasta machine” ?
If it were possible to wash the pasta machine.
We made the “washable pasta machine” to answer the demand.
You can roll and cut the dough made by kneader or hand with it.
Four types of thickness and three types of cutter can be chosen.
You can enjoy homemade pasta, japanese udon, dumpling skin, etc.
Clean and safe
The body of the machine is made of stainless steel and resin, and the cutters are made of resin.
Cutters are decomposable and they don’t rush if you wash.
Because the cutters are made of resin, you don’t need to worry that your child might get injured their hand by touching the cutters.
The body is also washable but it’s not decomposable.
How to use

Customers’ voice

I bought this washable pasta machine because I made japanese udon frequently.
For the first time, I was looking for a bigger machine.
But since my child wanted to cook together, I chose this product for safety.
I hope it would do more at one time, but it is really safe to use with children because it’s fixable to the table and the cutters are made of plastic.

I didn’t like italian pasta machine because it’s unwashable and I’ve been looking for a washable one.
It’s looks like a kind of cooking toy, but I’ve found it attractive that it is washable.
I hope there would be a larger one and more types of cutters.

I take this washable pasta machine when I visit my daughter who lives in the U.S. She is glad because the Soba there isn’t delicious.
It’s good that it’s small enough to take with.
I’m wondering if I would buy one more to keep it there.