Replacement parts list for RS201

To overseas customers who are using RS201

We sell a few replacement parts.
Check the list below to see available parts.

Available replacement parts
Please select your currency.
※This is a reference price only. (The exchange rates change over time)

Parts codes Parts names Price(JPY) Reference price
RSP-01 ①Upper roller assy 15000 15000 in USD
RSP-02 ②Right-side frame assy 5000 5000 in USD
RSP-03 ③Gear box assy 5000 5000 in USD
RSP-04 ④Rubber leg tips 1600 1600 in USD
RSP-05 ⑤Guiding bar 2400 2400 in USD
RSP-06 ⑥Handle 6000 6000 in USD
Parts codes Parts names Contents
RSP-01 ①Upper roller assy Roller assy x1, Screw x2
RSP-02 ②Right-side frame assy Frame assy x1, Screw x6
RSP-03 ③Gear box assy Gear box assy x1, Screw x5, Retaining ring(E-type) ×1
RSP-04 ④Rubber leg tips Rubber leg tip with screw x4
RSP-05 ⑤Guiding bar Guiding bar x1
RSP-06 ⑥Handle Handle x1

Please see the following conditions:

1) Shipping fees are not included in the price.
2) Contact us about shipping costs.
3) Sold in Japanese yen only.
4) Payment method: Credit card only. (VISA/Master/Diners/JCB/AMEX)

If you have any concerns, please inquiry;