Reverse sheeter

No power required

As it is a handy type, no power supply is required. Lightweight and compact, it can be used anywhere.
The size when used is about 150 cm x 50 cm.

Washable and Compact

Can be folded and stored compactly after use!
The whole body is made of all stainless steel and can be washed.

Thickness adjustment up to 55 steps

The thickness can be adjusted, 0~27mm.
2.5mm thickness adjustment & +0.5mm fine adjustment function.

For homemade folded dough!

The reverse sheeter is compact, so it can be used in small shop!
It is useful not only for homemade croissants and danishes, but also for making quiches and cookies.

Can be cooling!

The upper roller can be removed and cleaned.
It can also be chilled and used.

How to use


How to assemble and fold


How to folded

Product specifications

Name / Model number
“Washable and Compact” Reverse sheeter RS201
Main Body/Handle/Guide bar/Cover/Roller pin/Product manual/
※The sheeter board is sold separately
about 6.5kg
Release date
September 2019
Warranty period
1 year from purchase
Due to product improvement, part of usage or appearance may be changed without notice.
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