Dough Sheeter RS201

Product specifications

Product name and model number
RS201 (main body) :“Washable and Compact” Dough sheeter
SB-01 (Sheeter board): High rigidity plastic
SB-02 (Sheeter board): Artificial marble
Sold separately.
RS201: JPY 98000- (98000 in USD)
SB-01: JPY 8000- (8000 in USD)
SB-02: JPY 25000- (25000 in USD)
※Tax not included
Main Body/Handle/Guiding bar/Cover/Roller pin/Product manual/
※The sheeter board is sold separately
RS201: 7kg
SB-01: 1.0kg
SB-02: 4.3kg
Open exterior dimensions: 1030 x 580 x 270mm
Close exterior dimensions: 300 × 470 × 110mm
SB-01: 900 × 400mm
SB-02: 600 × 400mm
Package Size
RS201:560 × 200 × 400mm / 8.4kg
SB-01: 970 × 440 × 80 / 2.4kg
SB-02: 970 × 440 × 80 / 5.1kg
Product of manufacture
One-year warranty (Please see the details on Warranty page)
We ship the products worldwide.
For the shipping costs, please see International shipping page
Product appearance and specifications are subject to change without notice.
Features of Dough Sheeter RS201

・Tabletop use
・Easy to set up and take apart
・Manual operation (no electricity is required)
・Roller is detachable for easy clean
・Recommended amount of the dough at at time is ~600g
・Thickness adjustable range 0 ~27mm
 (Thickness adjustment knobs: up to 25mm by 2.5mm)
 (Fine adjustment: up to 2mm by 0.5mm)
・There are two types of boards available for RS201.
・Made in Japan


No electricity required

The size when used is about 150cm×50cm.
It is compant and lightweight.
It can be used anywhere.

Washable and Compact

Can be stored smartly after use. The washable unit is made of durable stainless steel.

Thickness adjustment up to 55 steps

The thickness can be adjusted, 0~27mm.
2.5mm thickness adjustment & +0.5mm fine adjustment function.

Detachable Roller!

Roller can be removed and cooled in the fridge.

How to use


How to set up and take apart


How to fold

Remove the cover, sheeter board, handle and guiding bar. Set the fine adjustment at 0.

Lower the roller arm and positioning arm.

Compact storage.