Dough Sheeter RS101

Product specifications

Product name and model number
RS101 (main body): “Washable” Dough Sheeter
SB-03 (Sheeter Board): High rigidity plastic
Sold in pairs.
RS101+SB-03 : JPY 67900- (67900 in USD)
※Tax not included
Only SB-03 can be used with RS101
SB-03 (Sheeter Board): can be purchased individually
Main Body/Handle/Guiding bar/Sheeter Bord/Product manual
RS101: 4.5kg
SB-03: 0.5kg

Open exterior dimensions: 830 × 490 ×200mm
Close exterior dimensions: 140 × 375 ×200mm
SB-03: 600 × 300mm
Package Size
620 × 325 × 260mm / 7.5kg
Product of manufacture
One-year warranty (Please see the details on Warranty page)
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Product appearance and specifications are subject to change without notice.

For home bakers

Dough Sheeter RS101 is more compact than Dough Sheeter RS201.
If you are tired of sheeting the dough by hand, RS101 will help you!
You can sheet 250~300g of the dough at a time. 

No electricity required


RS101 is a manual tabletop Dough Sheeter. No electricity is required.
It is light and compact so that you can store it anywhere. You can always keep it clean as it is washable.

11 step thickness adjustments

The thickness can be adjusted 0~17.5mm
0~5mm (by 1mm), 5~17.5mm (by 2.5mm)

The size differences between SB-03 (for RS101) and SB-01 (for RS201)

The amount of the dough can be sheeted at a time.
SB-01: 500g~600g (approximately makes 12 small croissants)
SB-03: 250g~300g (approximately makes 8 small croissants)
※SB-03 is dedicated board for RS101, and SB-01 is for RS201 only.

Washable and compact

RS101 is easy to disassemble

Easy to use and store

The video is for illustration purpose only

Storage tote bag for RS101

It comes with a storage tote bag as a free gift (Limited time only)