International shipping

■Shipping fee from Japan to the countries of destination

Country RS201(with SB01 or SB02) RS101+SB03
Republic of Korea JPY 9,500- JPY 8,400-
Hong Kong JPY 9,500- JPY 8,400-
Indoensia JPY 10,600- JPY 9,400-
Malaysia JPY 10,300- JPY 9,000-
Singapore JPY 10,300- JPY 9,000-
Philippines JPY 10,300- JPY 9,000-
United state of America JPY 16,700- JPY 13,700-
Canada JPY 16700- JPY 13700-
Australia JPY 20,100- JPY 16,200-
France JPY 20,200- JPY 17,100-
Spain JPY 20,200- JPY 17,100-
Israel JPY 27,900- JPY 20,200-
UAE JPY 33,000- JPY 26,000-
Brazil JPY 39,400 JPY 26,000

Please contact us about shipping fees for areas not listed in the table.
The shipping prices are subject to change without notice.

・We ship the products with UPS (air).
・You must pay customs duty and any other taxes if it is incurred in your country.
 You will find out how much it will cost with HS codes;
 RS201/RS101: 843810
 SB-01/SB-03: 392490
 SB-02: 681099
 For more information, please contact your local customs office.
・We do not accept any cancellation and return for personal reasons after shipment.