What is the “kneader”

“Kneader” is the machine to knead the dough.
You put ingredients, and then the machine will do from kneading, proofing※ to punching.
It can be used to cook many kinds of cuisines, such as bread, pasta, udon, soba and dumpling skin.
※It doesn’t control the temperature nor humidity.

If you…

・have trouble to knead the dough by hand
・want to make bread with natural yeast
・want to give your child safety home-made food
・want to bake bread for your diabetic family
・are bored of home-bakery bread
・don’t want to fail kneading by hand
・want to serve original bread in your restaurant

Kneader will be your solution!

Kneading techniques
The blade with patent kneads like professionals do, which prevents damaging the dough and enables to distributes secondary ingredients such as raisins equally to the dough without mashing them.
The dough is kneaded like wrapping the surface to the inside, and it makes high quality gluten.
Pot outside the machine
As the pot put inside the machine in usual kneaders and bread makers, the heat from the motor warm the dough inside the pot, which is the reason for over-fermentation and the smell of alcohol.
Our kneader put the pot outside the machine so that the motor heat can’t effect the dough in the pot and it also enables to use the machine continuously.
As the pot is outside, you can control the temperature easily by putting the refrigerant outside the pot or cover.
Light, small and quiet
You can remove the pot to wash or put the machine away.
If you buy one more pot, you can knead another dough.
Though the motor has power, it is quiet enough to use at night.
Recipe book
You can get a recipe book with kneader PK660D and PK1012plus.
It has recipes of bread, noodles and so on.
All the recipes are on our homepage, too.
A dome cover
Cover can be separated inside and outside.
By putting off the inside cover, you can check the dough and put ingredients while kneading them.