What is the “Fermenter”

Fermentation is the important part of bread making.
By using the fermenter, you can make the temperature and humidity steady.
This electric fermenter used not only yeast but also natural yeast.

If you…

・are worried about the space
・are wondering about the bacterias
・have troubles with fermentation in the winter
・want to put kneading pot or oven tray

Our fermenter will be your solution.

Compact but high capacity

Fermenter PF102 can contain the usual size of electricity family-use oven.

Fermenter PF110D can contain 2 loaves.

Easy to set the temperature.
※You can’t set under the room temperature.

Easily foldable and washable except the heater.

By putting the convection board on the lowest step, the air convects and it helps to steady the temperature inside the fermenter.
Customers’ voice for PF102

I’ve wanted a fermenter for a long time but given up because the kitchen wasn’t large enough.
But I found this PF102 and bought it because it could be affordable and also washable.
It would be better if this product were more solid, but considering the lightness and fordablity, I think it would be impossible…
I’m satisfied its usefulness.

I use this to activate the natural yeast and my husband uses it to make sake.
I use this to ferment the bread dough only in the winter and it works well.
When I bought it, the staffs are kindly answering me, thank you.

I always had trouble with the fermentation of the dough. But now, the fermentation is stable and I found it really useful.
I bought it because it’s fordable, but finally I use it everyday without fording.lol