Brown rice germinator

Brown rice germinator


What is "germinated brown rice"?

The germinated brown rice is unpolished rice which is sprouted by soaking in water.
Brown rice is in the spotlight and called a "perfect-food" as a nutritionally balanced food.
But it is needed to be bitten well because it's hardly digested, then is it really for elderly people?
Someone doesn't like it's poor and dry texture, or the taste may be too unique for children.

Germinating brown rice maximize the amount of GABA,
elevates the levels of proteins and good enzymes.
Soaking water makes the epidermis soft so that brown rice will be easier to digest.

Safe to use

This product germinates 2 cups (about 300g) of brown rice in 24 hours and turns off automatically.
Germinated brown rice can be cooked with a rice cooker.normally.

A good buy

It is not so economical to have germinated brown rice sold in supermarket because it costs as twice as normal brown rice.
With this "Hatsuga-no-chikara", you can choose the variety of brown rice to germinate and the electricity costs only 1.5 yen in one time.

Less smell with W ion effect

Some rice cookers have a function to germinate, but when you use it, rice may smell with fermented rice bran and bacteria.
With silver ion and copper ion, the machine prevents growth of bacteria and the smell of fermentation.
You don't need to change water while germinating.

How to eat germinated rice

After you germinate brown rice, wash it with water and cook normally with rice cooker,

How to germinate brown rice